Grandmother Moon Women Gathering

Grandmother Moon Women Gathering

Planting the PachaMama Moondance

with Abuela Ana, Chandani, Ayama, Virani and the PachaMama Moon Council

  • March 6, 2023 - March 9, 2023


Honored guest Abuela Ana brings her sacred wisdom and guidance to PachaMama’s  offering of celebrating in the ways of the Red Road.

The Moon Gathering is an enchanted time between the dances to walk the Red Road, guided by understanding and wisdom of this path.


This moment is precious soil to reflect as a community and plant the seed for the future of Moonwork at PachaMama.

Coming together to receive the first steps of this work: renewing the devotion through remembering the practical and mystical foundations that come from returning to the ways of the heart.


Revel in the wisdom of the Earth in the hallowed open Maloka, nestled in the lush forest. Dance with the songs of the river and the birds. Shed all that no longer serves and tend to the spirit of creation through intentional songs, altar work, fire keeping, and the Red Road ways. 

Includes: Sweatlodge and Pipe ceremony with Abuela Ana, altar creation, intentional songs, working with the sacred fire, Abuela Palabras (teachings), drumming, and the indescribable magic of all that surrounds us and lives within our hearts.

May the ceremony continue… 

Peace, love, bravery and dignity to all the beings who inhabit the earth. 

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