High Vibe Silent Retreat

High Vibe Silent Retreat

The Language of the Soul & Lightness of the Body

with Tyohar

  • February 28, 2021 - March 6, 2021

The heartbeat of PachaMama is the Silence, shared through the daily Silent Sittings and the Silent Retreats. Through the silence, one has the opportunity to take a journey to the core of the inner being where it is possible to dissolve into the timeless here and now. The Silent Retreats take place in a beautiful, tranquil setting in nature which supports the work of transformation and meditation.

This retreat opens with a Satsang with Tyohar on the evening of the first day, and closes with a sweat lodge on the morning of the final day.

In this special retreat, the space of Satsang and meditation is supported by a vegetarian light menu including smoothies, juices, raw foods, and superfoods. This menu allows the participant to go even deeper by elevating the frequency of the body through light, high vibe foods which in turn helps to achieve a deepening of the meditation. The Silent Retreat also includes daily yoga and other movement meditations.

Food and Meditation Schedule (example)

6:15am             Silent Yoga

7:20 – 8am       Breakfast
Local Fruit selection (papaya, pineapple, banana).  Chia-seed pudding (cashew milk, chia seeds, vanilla) berries sauce.  Super food sprinklings (cacao nibs, bee pollen, spirulina, coconut flakes, maca, mucuna, hemp seeds, raisins, coconut oil, raw honey).

8:30am             Satsang

10 – 10:30am  Green Smoothie
Cold pressed green leaves (spinach, kale, bok choy, moringa, mint) mixed in veggie juice (celery, carrot, cucumber) sweetened with pineapple juice.

11am – 12pm    Movement or Vipassana Meditation

 12:15 – 1pm      Light Lunch  
Salad Bar including super food toppings (gomazio, gorilla greens, seed mix), rich salad dressings and raw crackers.  Variety of daily raw dishes varying from raw vegan burgers to nut-cheese, guacamole, zucchini humus and plantain ceviche.

3:30 – 3:45pm      Power Cacao Drink
Mate/coca tea, cacao butter, cacao beans, vanilla, nut milk, honey.

4pm                    Kundalini or Vipassana Meditation 

6:15pm          Soup of the Day

7pm                    Satsang                     followed by a Listening Meditation

  • Herbal teas will be available around meal times and after evening Satsang.

All Food & Drinks are included in the price.

“The Silent Retreat will point to that presence of wisdom that is your true nature.
Over and over it will reflect your selflessness the impersonal consciousness that you are.
There is no ‘you’ anymore. Only this wisdom is; only this presence of consciousness.
A state of being which is beyond the self and which rests in an untouched silence, in an unconditional contentment.
This is the freedom that is shared in Satsang.”
Excerpt from Satsang with Tyohar


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Standard Price $520

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