Magic of Tantra

Magic of Tantra

Emotional Wisdom & Sacred Intimacy

with Karam & team of facilitators

  • January 31, 2024 - February 4, 2024

Love and relating are core issues in one’s life, yet they often create confusion, pain, and reticence. The roots of these can be found in one’s conditioning during childhood and puberty through biology, family, religion, culture, and society. This influence on one’s early sexual encounters and experiences sets the foundation for one’s capacity for intimacy. The tendency is either to copy and conform or to rebel and react; leaving part of one’s authenticity, integrity, creativity, trust, and freedom behind in the process.
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The Magic of Tantra group provides a safe and respectful space to bring awareness and understanding to one’s unconscious beliefs, conditionings, patterns, and ways of relating. Specific structures and meditation techniques are explored with the intention of enhancing sensitivity, deepening physical and emotional awareness, and cultivating trust.

Communication tools that support honesty, respect, authenticity, and care are shared and practiced, setting the foundation for a meaningful connection.

Tantra is an ancient and profoundly wise practice and philosophy. This group explores its holistic approach to life and love, an approach oriented towards acceptance, relaxation, and cultivating energy and love flow. The art of love and relating is a constant bid to remain present and open-hearted. Intimacy and sexuality can become a profoundly fulfilling gift that nourishes the body heart and soul. The Magic of Tantra is a profound exploration of this world.

The workshop is open for singles and couples.
Previous experience with primal therapy is advised but not mandatory.
There will be no nudity in the group room.
People who are visiting PachaMama specifically for this workshop should plan to arrive at least two days before the workshop begins to have time to settle in before the workshop.

*The workshop price does NOT include food and accommodation expenses*

Price: $495

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