Echoes of the Condor

Echoes of the Condor

Concert with the Spirit Dance band

with Natalia Contesse, Caro Gutmann and Camila y Silvio

  • March 31, 2024 -

PachaMama is excited for a night of music at the “Echoes of the Condor Concert”

Featuring the talented musicians from the Orquesta de Los Continetes, a group of musicians who perform alongside the Spirit Dance (CLICK HERE)


Natalia Contesse – A true visionary, Natalia Contesse is not only a composer and esthete but also a dedicated researcher of Chilean and American Popular and Traditional Culture. With a deep reverence for nature and spirituality, Natalia’s music is a reflection of her profound connection to the world around her. Having performed on stages across the globe, including Chile, Argentina, Mexico, and beyond, Natalia brings a wealth of experience and passion to her craft.

Caro Gutmann – Hailing from Santiago and now settled in Chiloé, Caro Gutmann is a multifaceted artist whose music transcends boundaries. As a singer-songwriter, actress, and cultural manager, Caro is deeply committed to preserving Latin American culture and honoring the power of women in art. Her sounds, rooted in tradition yet exploratory in nature, weave a mesmerizing tapestry of melodies that speak to the soul.

Camila y Silvio – Prepare to be transported to the heart of the Andes with Camila y Silvio, a contemporary folk duo known for their fresh and youthful interpretation of traditional genres. Comprised of musician Silvio Rozzi and folk singer Camila Soria, their music is a celebration of the landscapes, cultures, and human experiences that define the Andean regions.

Starts @8pm


Details $US
Price $ 40
discounted for people staying in PachaMama $ 30

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